Whether it’s your first time checking us out or even if you’ve been around for years, you are most welcome.

There are loads of ways to get connected here at Counterslip: everything from monthly worship and prayer events to breakfasts and curry nights, just check out the what’s on page for more information. But, there are two other things that excite us a lot and they are our connections groups and our alpha courses.


If you’re not just new to church but also new to Christianity in general then Alpha is for you. It’s the perfect relaxed setting in which you can meet with others like you and some of our leaders, over some great food, to talk through all that Christianity is about. Not only that on this course anything goes! And we mean anything. If you’ve got a burning question about the bible: the angry God of the old testament, the weird stories about waters parting and a man living in the belly of a large fish; the world; Christianity and politics; suffering; prayer; healing; sex and sexuality or just about anything you can think of then no one will bat an eye lid here, you can ask what ever you’d like and our team will do their best to talk through those things with you.

Connections groups

So church is just what happens on a Sunday right? Wrong! Yes we meet in a building that’s located on the Wells Road but for us church is so much more than that. Being church is about being family and family do life together, and that is what our connections groups are all about. They are groups that we get together in each week in each others homes, and sure we study the bible together and prayer together but they’re so much more than that! Connections groups are where we share ourselves with each other, support and stand by each other. Each group is different, some are made up of people who live in similar areas while others are made up of people of similar ages (like our youth connections groups). Who ever you are, what ever your walk there is a connections group for you.

Find out more

To find out more about either Alpha or our connections groups please contact the office. We’d love to hear from you.